7 Organization Tips for a Productive Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to de-clutter and clear space for a bright and airy year ahead. Take your Spring Cleaning to the next level with these 7 organization tips!

Organized desk top

1. Put items away now, not later

Steer clear of the temptation to leave something out rather than putting it away. Life is full of far too many distractions (TikTok, anyone?) that will keep us from remembering to put items away in a timely manner.  Challenge yourself to get the item to its designated home as soon as you're finished with it.

2. Start in one place

Don't let your mind trick you into thinking organizing your entire home is an impossible feat because you're busy thinking about all of the organizing that needs to get done. Start in one spot of your choosing. Is your entryway the most cluttered? Start there. Do you avoid your hall closet because whoknowswhatsinthere? Start there. Wherever you choose to start, stay dedicated to it until you're finished with it; no spot-hopping allowed. 

3. Give yourself enough time & energy

Keep your expectations realistic. Some of your spaces may take hours or even days longer to organize than others. Stay patient, and take breaks as needed to stay energized and upbeat while organizing. 

4. Whistle while you work

Okay, maybe not literally. But do whatever you need to do to keep your mood boosted while organizing - listen to your favorite tunes, play your fave Netflix series in the background, treat yourself to your favorite beverage. If you notice your mood start to sour, just give yourself a little break. 

5. Sort by color

Not only will sorting by colors make organizing easier, it will also give you an aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy. For example, you can organize clothes by color in your closet and dresser; you can also sort projects and paperwork by color using a color-coded filing system. 

6. Invest in drawer organizers

Not only do they look great, they truly give you the sense that everything has a dedicated space in your drawers. The feeling of opening an organized drawer vs. a messy one is what adulting dreams are made of.

7. Take care of your mail, every day

The quickest way to clutter any one of your beautiful home surfaces is to set down a piece of mail that you will "deal with later." Commit to opening and sorting your mail, every day. It'll keep your mind and counter clutter-free. Organized Spring Desktop

Happy Spring Cleaning! 🌼


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