3 Ingredients to Fight Acne, Naturally

Do you struggle with acne?


So many of us do, no matter what age.


There are many reasons for symptoms of acne to emerge on the skin. Most of the time, we must nourish ourselves internally to get to the root cause, which could be liver stagnation, gut dysbiosis, and a host of other issues. But it is also extremely helpful to take topical measures which will help bring balance back to the skin microbiome. Here are the top three ingredients that can do just that:


Activated Charcoal: A master detoxifying agent, it has an extremely adsorbent porous structure which allows it to capture toxins and dirt into its matrix and pull it from the skin, body, or air (depending on how you are using it).


Cinnamon: This is a strong antibacterial agent, making it great for deeply cleansing the pores and killing off bad bacteria overgrowth on the skin.


Turmeric: The anti-inflammatory properties make this ingredient great for calming skin that is irritated and having an active breakout. Soothing this inflammation helps the tissue to heal faster and more smoothly.
Our Detoxifying & Clarifying Double Masking Duo is a match made in heaven for acne-prone skin. This is because both masks included in the set contain at least one of the powerful acne-fighting ingredients listed above. The Detoxifying Mud Veil contains activated coconut charcoal, this clay mask works to draw out impurities, toxins, and blackheads from the skin, while also firming and plumping the tissue. The Clarifying Sugar Coat is a Manuka honey-based mask that has a blend of five spices: turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg. These spices stimulate the skin to increase blood circulation while the Manuka honey cleanses the pores and acts as a humectant.

These masks work great alone, but they are synergistic and their benefits are amplified when used in conjunction with each other. For all of our Mask Duos, we recommend using a Mud Veil clay mask first, followed by a moisturizing Sugar Coat honey mask.


If you are looking for a lightweight moisturizer that works incredibly well for acne-prone skin, our Aloe Glow is a great option! It also has one of the special acne-fighting ingredients: turmeric, in the form of a potent CO2 extract. Aloe vera gel is the first ingredient, making this a very hydrating and cooling facial moisturizer that won't sit on the skin or further clog the pores.
aloe glow
Daily application of this moisturizer while also using the Mask Duo outlined above twice a week is a sure fire way to calm the skin and reduce active breakouts.




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