About Us

 In 2015, two childhood best friends resolved to follow their passion of natural remedies for healing and founded a small cannabis edibles business. From day one, the brand committed itself to producing effective products inspired by nature without sacrificing an enjoyable experience.


Having strong convictions about the healing power of cannabis, the two young women wanted to create an educational platform to share the deeply hidden benefits of this controversial herb along with reclaiming power over one’s own health. Unable to find any cannabis products that met their health standards, the two friends launched Treat Yourself™ with a few simple offerings; organic, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and nutrient rich edibles and topicals infused with a combination of CBD and THC.

 Disenchanted by the lack of female representation and health-conscious products in the cannabis industry, they developed an outspoken brand that promoted an empowering, female-forward culture of “my body is my temple.”

In 2017, Treat Yourself™ expanded its offerings beyond cannabis-infused treats to include personal care products that are free of harmful, toxic ingredients. Just like its original offerings, every Treat Yourself™ product is made strictly with the highest quality natural ingredients.


At Treat Yourself™ we believe that magic is created when you work in tandem with nature. Today Treat Yourself™ continues to push the boundaries on everyday products, demonstrating that every product consumed can be made in an effective, enjoyable way without the use of harmful ingredients. 

Treat Yourself™ is more than just a health & wellness brand; we are owned and operated by women who are committed to empowering everyone to be their own healer.