Weekend Wind Down

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax."-Mark Black. 

​​​I imagine I am not the only one who struggles with true relaxation.

​Ever since Cindy and I started Treat Yourself, I have trouble not viewing every minute of every day as a chance to be productive.

More often than not, this desire to constantly get things done leaves me feeling depleted, and ultimately I perform daily tasks at a lower standard than I would like for myself. 

I've learned through cannabis consumption that I am capable of achieving deep relaxation, but I still find myself avoiding that state, for fear of being unproductive.

These days I'm either ON in work mode, or passed out from exhaustion from being ON too much of the time.

My current goal: add some deep relaxation time into the mix.
(Really, I'd be happy with some time during my waking hours when my shoulders aren't scrunched up to my ears from tension - but, ya gotta aim high, right?).

My strategy: keep it simple. Use tools and tactics that I know will help me relax, without a big time or energy investment. 

It's currently Friday afternoon and I'm ready to start winding down for the weekend ahead. Just the thought of warm tea gets me in the mood to get cozy and relax. So that's where I'm starting today- a simple, delicious, and nutritious hibiscus tea. 

A few notes on hibiscus: 

  • it's high in antioxidants 
  • it helps lower blood pressure
  • it's a natural antidepressant

Basically, it's the perfect base ingredient for my de-stress and relax tea.

Cinnamon is another powerhouse ingredient I've included; I like the warming quality it adds to the tea, as well as the long list of health benefits cinnamon provides. 

​I've also added in some of our Orange Tincture for a burst of citrus flavor and herbal benefits (thank you, hemp!).  

Warming Hibiscus Tea recipe:

  • 3-5 dried hibiscus flowers
  • 1 cup hot water
  • cinnamon, for desired taste
  • optional: 1 dropper of Full-Spectrum CBD Rich Hemp Orange Tincture

Pour hot (not quite boiling) water into your mug. Place hibiscus flowers in the water. Remove after steeping for 3-5 minutes. Add cinnamon and tincture. 

Stir, inhale deeply, and enjoy.

Wishing you a wonderful & warm weekend!

all photos by the lovely & talented Teri Bocko 

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