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This product is amazing. Minty fresh and the ‘just been to the dentist’ feeling after brushing. You use so little of the product it is great value.


Waaaaay better than any toothpaste I’ve tried, natural or otherwise. Left my mouth feeling clean, fresh with no terrible aftertaste! 


Best deodorant I’ve ever used. I have a drawer full of rejected organic deodorants that don’ t even compare to this one! And it’s summer, so I’ve really been putting it to the test!


About Us

We are women who create healthy plant-based products with women in mind.
We value self-care and strive to promote a culture of women who share in our belief of "my body is my temple."
We create nutrient-packed products with only the finest quality ingredients. When designing our products, our goal is to cultivate health and happiness while creating an enjoyable experience for our customers.
We hope to inspire women to indulge in a little self-love, every day​.

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What is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

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