Update Your Skincare Routine for Winter

OOOH DO YOU SMELL THAT? It's the smell of your new skincare routine. That's right... throw on a fuzzy bathrobe because winter is here and your skin’s needs have changed!

When it comes to skincare we like to keep things as simple as possible, always leaving space to add or subtract as we see fit. The products below are a guide, grouped together to ensure your skin is properly cared for during the often drying, winter months. Say hello to your new winter skincare routine!



Key takeaway: hydrate and moisturize!

When the air is dry it will pull moisture from wherever it can, including YOU. That’s why we have to be extra diligent with adding moisture IN (and on).

 Winter Skincare Routine:

Hemp & Green Tea Dream Cream- gentle cleansing cream that cleans your skin without any harsh chemicals or foaming agents. Antioxidant-rich hemp and green tea provide extra nourishment for dry and mature skin. Added bonus? This cleanser protects ceramides in the skin which help lock in moisture.

Aloe Glow- a lightweight facial moisturizer formulated to give you a bright, clear, and youthful looking complexion. Aloe Glow is also high in naturally occurring ceramides to protect skin from harsh environments.


Beauty Balm- a deeply nourishing balm made with moisturizing and repairing plant ingredients, including prickly pear seed, sea buckthorn, and cannabinoid-rich hemp oil CO₂ extracts.


Magic Eye Wand- helps with the appearance of brighter, smoother & healthier under eye skin. The delicate under eye skin area is very thin and vulnerable to extreme dryness. This specially formulated Eye Wand helps strengthen the under-eye skin to keep it looking plump and hydrated.


Paradise Lip Treatment-ultra hydrating, subtle rosy tint with a light glossy finish. We've all experienced dry, chapped lips but with this lip treatment you can finally say goodbye to shriveled-looking lips. Made with all natural ingredients, this lip treatment is a MUST for keeping a plump lip all winter long.

 From this list, which product are you going to be adding to your routine this season? Let us know in the comments!

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