Natural Clay Tooth Powder Refill Packet

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The eco-friendly way to replenish your tooth powder supply.

Compost the envelope after refilling your jar. Go green, baby.

Disclaimer: Although our tooth powder is created with the highest quality ingredients, we recommend consulting your dental provider before making any changes to your oral care routine. Because this is a natural product, color may vary between batches and the turmeric can cause staining of your toothbrush. If you have overly porous or damaged teeth, exercise caution when using any product that contains activated charcoal as it can cause staining of the enamel. Although this tooth powder is safe to use with various dental restoration, the bentonite clay is well known for absorbing metals and therefore may cause an already loose amalgam filling to come out, this is very uncommon. Discontinue use if any irritation or unpleasant changes in oral health occur. Use as directed.