Full Bloom
Full Bloom

Full Bloom

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Made with 100% Certified Organic, all natural ingredients.
Effectively neutralizes body odor and absorbs moisture to keep you dry all day!
Ingredients: Beeswax (from Beekind in Sebastopol, CA), coconut oil*, shea butter*, mango butter*, arrowroot powder*, baking soda, essential oils of lavender (Bulgaria)* and jasmine absolute (India).

*Certified Organic

Coconut oil and shea butter make this a very moisturizing product: it soothes and heals any skin irritations or shaving rashes. It is also a powerful antiperspirant due to two ingredients: arrowroot powder keeps your underarms dry by absorbing moisture, and beeswax creates a moisture barrier.

This deodorant will NOT melt in hot environments: the beeswax keeps the product very stable at high temperatures.

**Do not use after shaving. Baking soda may cause skin irritation, if irritation does occur, discontinue use of product**


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