Our Story

We started Treat Yourself™ in 2015, and it has truly been a labor of love. The first products we launched were infused with cannabis (AKA delicious vegan, gluten-free, high CBD/low THC tarts!), because we strongly believe that cannabis is medicine, and as such, should be consumed in a healthy way. Since launching, we've watched the growth and acceptance of cannabis in the health & wellness community, as well as our own growth as a health & wellness brand.
In 2017, we partnered with our dear friend and herbalist, Ariel, to create natural body care products. Ariel has taken common body care products and substituted harsh, harmful chemicals with ingredients found in nature instead. These products continue to highlight our belief in the healing power of plants and herbs. 
For 2018 and beyond we will continue to expand our offerings to highlight the many benefits of using only naturally-derived ingredients. It is important to us that we provide options for healthy products that are enjoyable, and that further support your wellness goals. We hope our practical products will have a profound impact on your personal wellness journey. 
Cindy, Leone & Ariel